Blake Hicks|

Alabama Department of Commerce

A haven for tech you might not expect

The Alabama Department of Commerce came to Big Communications with aims to craft an economic development story to shine a spotlight on the global, future-forward impact of the industries within the state's borders. With players like Mercedes, Google, Airbus, Lockheed-Martin and a whole host of others, that story wasn't difficult to sell. My task was to create a web presence to amplify this narrative with a news-first focus—opening eyes to Alabama's unexpected economic influence, one byline at a time.

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Note: I am currently designing the next iteration of this experience, and although I can't share it yet, I will drop it right here in the near future.

Role(s) |

UX Strategy

UI Design

Frontend Development

Credits |

Branding:Matt Lane Harris

Communications / PR:Jerry Underwood

WordPress Dev:Dan Gavin

WordPress Dev:Robert Brodrecht