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Go Build Alabama

A dose of the truth for a hardworking youth

Go Build Alabama is a state department initiative to promote careers in the trades to high school juniors and seniors who may be unaware there is a financially stable future for those whose personal journey doesn't include a 4-year degree. Tradespeople have been aging out of the workforce at a rate far exceeding that of new blood entering, and my task was to reach a young audience with an impactful, easily graspable walkthrough of the situation and vast opportunity available.

Work completed while at Big Communications.

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UX Strategy

UI Design

Frontend Development

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Branding:Matt Lane Harris

WordPress Dev:Dan Gavin

WordPress Dev:Robert Brodrecht

To add some substance to the high-level discussion around the employment gap, a cross-section of some of the more in-demand job types were laid out for users to thumb through and gain a sense of what is required for each occupation—and how much they can bring home.

This was accompanied by a full list of possible occupations pulled from the client's extensive database, allowing for as deep a dive as the user desires.